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Paraguay's market potential for the regional automotive supplier industry

Study, 2015

A new Roland Berger report examines a Latin American country that is still relatively unknown in the West: the "new kid on the block" Paraguay …  >>

Automotive Insights 01.2015

Client magazine, 2015

Talking about a revolution? The latest issue of our Automotive Insights magazine is devoted to the topic of digitization …  >>

Aviation Radar 2015

Study, 2015

This is ostensibly a good year for the aviation business. Fuel costs are low, other costs are stable or even declining and passenger figures are rising …  >>

Retooling for the New Normal Oil & Gas Industry Environment


Oilfield suppliers need to revisit their strategies and operational setups to address the new "normal" of lower oil prices characterized by shorter cycles and high uncertainty …  >>

Mastering the transformation journey


To deal with the consequences of strategic drift before it is too late, the experts at Roland Berger have created a five-tiered approach, which they describe in this publication …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger