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think: act CONTENT - North American oil and gas sector

think: act CONTENT, 2013

The North American oil and gas industry is in flux. Exploration and production operators are now evaluating what they have learned from the first wave of growth …  >>

Additive manufacturing

Study, 2013

The market for 3D printing of metal structures is still in its infancy. The experts at Roland Berger expect sales of this technology to more than quadruple in the next 10 years …  >>

Diversity in Central and Eastern Europe

Study in cooperation with Erste Group Bank AG, 2013

Based on a survey among 500 companies from various industries in CEE, this study looks at how diversity in management boards affects a company's financial performance …  >>

think: act CONTENT - Nigeria's power sector open for business

think: act CONTENT, 2013

A newly liberalized market welcomes new players. But fundamental challenges persist and must be addressed to deliver the power required to secure the nation's future …  >>

5th Operations Efficiency Radar

Study, 2013

Given the poor economic forecasts, companies need to make customer requirements and products even more central to their strategy if they want to continue growing profitably …  >>

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