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Business Breakfast - "Consumer Finance in CEE – How to emerge stronger from the crisis?"

Consumer Finance
About 30 Croatian top managers and selected journalists met on April 21, 2009, in Zagreb's Hotel Regent Esplanade for a business breakfast. The topic of the breakfast was "Consumer Finance in CEE – How to emerge stronger from the crisis". The keynote speech was delivered by Hendrik Bremer, leading Partner for the regional financial industry from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' Vienna office. His presentation was based on the findings of a study with the same name. The research was conducted using information from managers in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Croatia.

55 percent of managers at CEE banks expect loan growth of only two percent in 2009, whereas almost a third believe that the banking sector will experience no growth at all. The financial crisis is having the biggest impact and could completely transform the consumer finance market in CEE and lead to a drop in profitability of up to 20 percent. In terms of consumer loans, Croatia has the highest debt in CEE. According to the study, this means the impact of the crisis will be much more visible here.
Apr 28, 2009

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