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Data protection statement

Protecting your personal data, and complying with relevant data protection legislation, is something we take very seriously. This statement is intended to give you an overview of how we ensure this protection, what kinds of data we collect and why, and how we deal with it.

1. Who is responsible?

Responsibility for data processing and in connection with this website rests with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH, Sederanger 1, 80538 Munich, Germany ("Roland Berger Strategy Consultants"). For more detailed information about Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, please see Contact  .

2. Why do we collect, process and use data?

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants uses the Internet to present general information about our company and what we do. There are some areas of our web-sites or individual pages which serve more specific purposes.

  • There is the applicants' area of our different recruiting websites, where potential applicants can apply for jobs, internships and other positions (refer to the supplementary data protection statement for applicants  ).

  • Then there's our alumni area, where people who used to work for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants can keep in touch with their ex-colleagues and the company itself.
  • And there are other pages on specific topics or with specific functions. Details can be found in the contents section of each page.

We collect, process and use data for the reasons above, unless there are more specific reasons, which we will give when collecting that data (e.g. for applicants  ). We do not use data other than for its intended purpose in each case.

3. What data do we collect?

3.1 Some data is collected automatically

When you visit our websites, your IP address is recorded, along with the data you requested from the website, how much data you downloaded, the server reply code on the request from your browser, what browser you used, the date you visited, and for how long.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants cannot attribute this data to any specific person as a general rule (unless you log in). We do not combine this data with data from any other sources.

We statistically analyze this data constantly so we can keep our websites optimized at all times.

3.2 Some information you provide

We record and process information you enter on our websites or send us otherwise. This includes data you enter in forms or contact fields, or select from lists or menus.

There are some points in our websites where you can send us information by uploading documents via those websites to our servers. That is what happens when you apply online, for example (refer to the supplementary data protection statement for applicants  ).

We also record and process personal information when you e-mail someone at Roland Berger. This concerns the contents of your e-mails as such, but also data obtained from queries to our e-mail server, such as sender and addressee IDs, time stamp, errors or grounds for refusal if mail doesn't get through.

3.2.1 Profile and login information for access-protected areas

There are some access-restricted areas of the website for which you need to register before you can use them, like the recruiting/applicant and alumni areas in particular. When registering, there are some details you have to enter that the registration form itself requires, particularly your e-mail address, a password, and some information about yourself. Any other details you enter are voluntary. We process and save this data (refer to the supplementary data protection statement for applicants  ).

In some areas of our websites, like our alumni network in particular, some of your registration data or contributions you make can be seen by other users once they log in. It's up to you to decide whether you want other registered users of this site to see your information and, if so, what. You can change these settings at any time.

3.2.2 Newsletters and information services

There are many points on Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' websites where we offer newsletters or comparable information services. If you'd like to use these, we'll need a working e-mail address for you and details to enable us to verify that this e-mail address is really yours, or that the person whose address it is agrees to receive the newsletter. That's the only information we gather.

You can withdraw your consent to your data and e-mail address being recorded and used to send newsletters at any time.

3.2.3 Web Analytics

Information on using PIWIK's Web Analytics technology:

On this website, data is temporarily collected and saved on a test basis using technology provided by PIWIK ( www.piwik.org  ) for the purposes of marketing and optimization. Usage profiles with a pseudonym can be created using this data via cookies. The data collected with PIWIK technology is not used to personally identify website users, unless they give their specific consent, and not combined with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym. Users can, at any time, refuse permission for their data to be collected and saved in the future here:

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants uses web analysis on their web pages using the data protection option of "Extended data protection conformity". This means that complete IP addresses are not processed and are only saved for a short period of time. To sanitize the IP addresses, they are shortened to the last 8 bits.

In order to improve content, we will analyze the categories of "Visitors" (number and frequency), "Usage" (content, entry/exit pages, click habits), "Origin" (country, search machines) and access technologies of "Web" and "Mobile".

3.2.4 Other matters

We will never record any of your personal details otherwise without your ex-press consent.

4. Who do we send data to?

4.1 Where does data go once it reaches Roland Berger Strategy Consultants?

Once you send data, or it is collected on our websites, we transmit it within Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to the recipients that need to know it. Applications, for instance, go to our human resources department and the department for which the position is advertised (refer to the supplementary data protection statement for applicants  ).

Data can also be accessed in purely technical terms by service providers and contract partners we use to operate our website. They act as our commissioned data processors.

4.2 Sending data to third parties

As a fundamental rule, we do not disclose, transfer, sell or otherwise market personal data to third parties, such as other companies or organizations, without your express consent, or as required to meet our contractual obligations between Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and you, the website user, which make it necessary to transfer such data.

4.3 Transfer of data to countries outside the EU/EEA

We do not transfer any personal information to anyone in countries outside the EU or EEA, nor do we have any plans to do so, except in the cases below:

We will generally ask you for your consent before transferring data in these cases.

5. How long can we store data before we have to delete it or block it?

The law is quite detailed when it comes to what data we can and must store and for how long. Once these terms expire, we routinely delete this data or block it, following data protection rules.

Where data is not subject to specific terms, we delete it or block it once the reasons we collected it for cease to apply.

If you have agreed to a longer duration for storing, processing and using your data, we will delete or block your data after this duration expires or should your revoke your consent (refer to the supplementary data protection statement for applicants  ).

6. What are "cookies", and how do we use them?

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' websites use "cookies" in different places. These are small text files which are downloaded onto your computer and are saved in your browser. Cookies do not harm your computer, and do not contain viruses. Most cookies we use are "session cookies", and are deleted automatically at the end of your visit.

If you'd like to know how your browser uses cookies, or instruct it not to use them or confirm them in each case, you should activate your browser settings accordingly.

7. Your right to know

We'll be happy to tell you, subject to the relevant legal provisions, what personal details we store on you. If there's anything you'd like to know, please get in touch with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' data protection officer (e-mail). And please remember, you'll need to prove who you are before we can give you any information.

8. Security

The security of your data is important to us: so all the areas of our website where you can actively input data use encryption systems such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your data against being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

If you register to use access-protected areas of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' websites, you should keep the login details you receive carefully and protected against access by third parties. If you log in on a computer that is used by more than one person, please don't forget to log off properly at the end of each session and close the browser window you were using.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants takes extensive technical and organizational security precautions to protect your personal data against being manipulated, either accidentally or deliberately, or being lost, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized third parties. We are constantly improving these precautions as technology develops.